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The Circle of the Sacred Muse is an open Wiccan community serving Courtenay, Comox, Campbell River and the surrounding communities on Northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia. We celebrate the Sabbats and Full Moons – our rituals are open to the public to attend. We also have informal “coffee cauldrons,” where we can meet, share experiences, and have fun.

Our circle is accepting of all, regardless of race, gender or¬†orientation. Whether you are an experienced covener, new to the craft or just curious, you are welcome here. As we are told in the Charge of the Goddess, we bring “mirth and reverence” to our rituals.

We ask that you RSVP for rituals so we can make sure we have enough supplies for everyone. Dates may be subject to change. Feel free to contact us for more information

  • November 23, 2019 7:30 pmNovember New Moon
  • November 27, 2019 7:30 pmCourtenay Coffee Cauldron
  • December 7, 2019 7:30 pmDecember Full Moon Ritual
  • December 11, 2019 7:30 pmCampbell River Coffee Cauldron
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Circle of the Sacred Muse

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