Seeker Class (Wicca 101)

February 20, 2020 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Games and Grounds
103-576 England Ave
BC V9N 2N3

Our Seeker Class runs for 8 weeks and covers:

  • History of Wicca and Aquarian Tabernacle Church of Canada
  • Ritual Etiquette
  • The Ordains
  • Ethics and Gossip Craft
  • Esbats – the Moon and the Goddess
  • Sabbats – the Wheel of the Year
  • Altars and Ritual Tools
  • Casting the Circle and Calling the Directions

There will be a nominal charge to cover photocopying, and we encourage you to purchase a coffee or tea to support Games and Grounds.

If you are interested in participating or for more info please contact Dawne. We look forward to seeing you there!

Seeker Class

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High Priestess and founder of Circle of the Sacred Muse, Mary Malinski is also a life coach. You can find more of her writings and guided meditations at
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